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Afrikaans voice artist

Adam – Afrikaans voice artist biography


Adam is an award-winning Afrikaans voice artist, with a 20 year background in media and entertainment.  He holds a Post graduate degree in Dramatic Arts, and numerous other certificates for voice-over training.

As an Afrikaans voice talent, Adam has worked with many of the world’s top companies such as CNN, CBS, BBC America, Sony, Coca-Cola, The World Health organization, Shell, Clearchannel, Deloitte Touche, Tohmatsu, KBR-Halliburton, Mattel, Mainframe, Electronic Arts, John Hancock ,Harley-Davidson, Blockbuster, US Health, CCP Games, X-Box, Land Rover, Moneygram, BMW and Harley Davidson Stores, restaurant chain commercials and many more.

Adam is a very versatile voice performer, working in many different mediums of voice-over, including animation, promos and movie trailers, documentaries, audio books, commercials, industrials, corporate I.D.’s, IVR and messaging, and a multitude of other media applications.

He is the signature voice of various products and channels, including Bio-oil, and the Afrotainment channel.

His multicultural, multi-ethnic voice acting approach is as valued by clients as his “Global” accent, which transcends borders to speak to the world in one, unbiased voice.

Please visit: Matinée Afrikaans Voice-over Agency

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