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LA Spanish voice artist

Mauricio – LA Spanish voice artist biography


Mauricio is a professional LA Spanish voice artist who has many years experience.  He is also a Bachelor of Journalism and Communication.

He has worked for a wide range of institutions, brands and companies from all over the world.  He designs and work on radio and TV commercials, answer machine recordings, audio for events (ceremonies, birthdays, weddings, fairs, anniversaries), film and television series dubbings, trailers, narrations, voice over for documentaries, and more.

Mauricio has completed work for a diverse list of clients: China Radio International, Jeep, Honda, Hewlett Packard, Geekshive, De Cruceros, Sancor Seguros, Paranormal Activity, Ford, Pantene, Trineo TV, Herbalife, Meevent, Natura, MillerCoors, Mercedes Benz, Tiffany and Co.

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