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Hebrew voice artist

Noa – Hebrew voice artist biography


Noa is an actress and voice over artist hailing from Israel.  She is a versatile, exciting and fearless bi-lingual actress who relishes challenging work that pushes her boundaries but is equally at home with the nuances of detailed character work.

Noa is also superb singer with a vocal range that stretches from classical and opera to jazz, musicals, rock and pop, making her an exceptional vocalist and voice over.

Noa’s recent credits reflect the rapidly increasing notice that the industry is taking of her array of talents and skills.  They include playing the army commander alongside Brad Pitt in his film WWZ.

As a voice-over she is sure to deliver most styles – commercials, corporate, narration, IVR and many more.

Combine all this with an ethic of total commitment to the work and the ensemble, and its little wonder that Noa’s services are more and more in demand.

Key words: Hebrew voice over, Versatile, Hebrew vocalist, versatile, warm voice.

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