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Urdu voice artist

Shazieh – Urdu voice artist biography


Shazieh is an Urdu voice artist who started her career as a journalist when she was a freelance reporter in 1999 during the Afghan war.  She has also worked for Nipon Radio, Japan and done part time work with SKY, and Amy Kellogg in Islamabad, Pakistan.

She later went on to Radio in 2000 and got selected to be trained as a BBC News reader from the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Islamabad by Amy Walsh.  She became a National English News Reader immediately.

She is a rendered voice for international as well as National advertisements, documentaries and also became Master of Ceremonies for several shows in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Her voice is sincere, authoritative, compassionate and confident.  Other than Urdu, Shazieh can also record in English.

Key words: Urdu voice over, English with an Indian accent, Sincere, Professional, compassionate, confident.


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